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Grade School:
  1.  Ah, So She Ate a Cookie or Learning to Add                                         $17
  2.  One Blue Penny Learns to Subtract                                                      $17
  3.  To Multiply or to Add, That is the Question                                          $17
  4.  Division and Fractions: Half a Loaf is Better Than None                        $17
  5.  Algebra: Solving the Puzzle                                                                  $17
  6.  Geometry or Picture It, Think It                                                           $17
  7.  Number Structure: No Nonsense Number Sense                                    $22
  8.  Counting and Measuring: They came, They saw, They measured            $17
  9.  An Ideal Way To Learn Addition (A Teacher's Guide)                           $17
10.  An Ideal Way To Learn Multiplication (A Teacher's Guide)                    $17

Middle School:
11. Computational Mathematics  - Irrational and Complex (primary text)       $33

       Optional additional books:
       5. Algebra: Solving the Puzzle ($17)
       6. Geometry, or Picture It, Think It ($17)
       7. Number Structure: No Nonsense Number Sense ($22)

High School:
12. One Step Beyond Number Structure: Soaring with the Eagles of
Mathematical Knowledge                                                                          $44

Additional Books:
13. Patterns to Success: Nurturing Your Child's Innate Giftedness                $17
14. Roman Numbers: Challenging Mathematics Education                           $17

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